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Why pick our puppy?

We are a small breeding station, komondors are our passion, not business. We have owned shepherd dogs since 1999.
We have only one breeding pair, Adri Diana Király Puszta a Mátyás Király Udvari Jákó – Mirko and their daughters Barila and Corona,  who guard our house and other pets. They are members of our family.


Health of the animals is our primary concern. Our dogs are picked from the top breeding stations, Mirko is imported from the country of origin - Hungary. They both passed the health tests with perfect results  (DLK 0/0, DKK 0/0, negative eye testing). They were presented on a multitude of shows with excedent results.

Deworming, inoculations and a constant veterinary care are without question.

Food is the most important part of our care. We decided to feed them “Partial BARF”, which means 30-50% raw meat and 50-70% cold-pressed cdVet Fit-Crock fodder. Our dogs are showing great vitality and good mood thanks to the way we feed them, they are in great condition, their teeth are healthy, immunity strong and we believe that we do everything to prolong their life.


We are trying to preserve the original traits of our komondors. Our dogs guard our house and land.


Living with other pets, cars, and chicken is a natural thing. We walk them almost every day on neighbouring pastures with cows, sheep and even horses. Our dogs are in close contact with them. Our komondors and goats...see here


The life of our family is tied with our pets, we don´t need to go on holidays to the sea, we rather go somewhere where are dogs are welcome. When we open the trunk of our car, they immediately jump in and are exited for the trip


Komondor is a dog beautiful even with its extraordinary looks.  Even though their fur is partially self-cleaning, our dogs are used to constant care of their “dreadlocks”, whether it is splitting dreadlocks, washing or cleaning the ears.

Taking care of the puppies


Our puppies are born at home, in a heated room of a family house, there they stay even after birth. They are being taken care of 24/7. They are in contact with humans every day, they know human voice, smell and touch. They´re periodically measured and weighed, so we know how well they grow. We let them out to an open area around the third week of their life. They can run around the garden, where they´re introduced to the outside world, more people and animals.

We feed them milk and yogurt from our own goats. More here...


All the new owners were praising how our puppies have no problem running on different terrains, go up the stairs, walk across a wiry rug, climb over rocks, jump over a branch etc.

We certainly don´t leave all the care to the mother, we begin providing the puppies with supplementary food once it is possible (around the third week of age). We use special milky puree made for puppies, then high quality cooked and raw food, occasionally then top tier granule fodder. The pups are getting prepared to all alternatives of feeding they could encounter in their new home.

Of course we let guests to our puppies, whether they are friends with children, adults or those that are interested in the puppies. It is beautiful to watch how the daddy Mirko is involved in the raising of his kids. He is gentle and benevolent, playful and lets the more strict lessons to the mommy Adri. Our toy poodle Berry is their very popular toy.

The puppies are taught that it is necessary to cut their nails, comb the fur of show teeth.

Every puppy gets:

Europassport with marked deworming, inoculation and chipping. Export Pedigree, buying bill and IFTA Registration card. The dog will have the following vaccinations: Distemper, Parvovirosis, HPPi, Lepto, Rabies. Tips for feeding and care for the first few days, information about the breeding club and all necessary contacts, fodder for the first few days, a toy, a blanket and a collar.

When can the puppies live?

According to a new policy of EU puppies are only alowed to depart from Czech Republic they were vaccinated for rabbies, i.e. in there 13 weeks. Except for Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Puppies are let in there soon in there ninth weeks.

To whom will we give our puppy?

Of course the interested person, who wishes to give the puppy exemplary care and a loving home.

We do not demand for the new owner to participate in shows, but it would make us happy.

We are interested in the fate of our puppies - we prefer non-binding visits from the interested parties and we welcome when you inform us about their further life.

We count on receiving negative feedback, that is just the life of a breeder. Anyway the feedback is important to us - you give us information about the fruits of our struggles.
We will give you  advice on raising of training anytime you need, new owners are always welcome to seek help from us. We´ll gladly help you with exhibitions, neznám slovo, treating the coat etc. Simply put full breeding services.