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Komondor Adoption English

Komondor Antal Dolmar z Alkazaru "Atos" (born 31.3.2014)  was to be put to sleep by his owners on the 5.12.2018 …

But his story doesn´t need to be a sad one!

It would be all too easy to write a sob story about a “dream puppy” that grew into a big, strong,
confident komondor, who did not befit his owners anymore, because he needed attention, to be taught respect... so they decided to put him to sleep.

I will not judge them ill, the mister who bought Antal died, and his wife may have loved the dog, but did not bring him up.

I am upset that they did not inform the breeder who handed her puppies brought up with love and
believing that they will be loved by their new owners forever.

But this is in fact a happy story! Thanks to the amazing breeder Justyna Marchwica I heard these harsh news in the nick of time. I did not hesitate, got in the car and drove all the way to Poland for Antal. I was met with a big surprise. Antal (whose name was now Atos) treated me with a friendly welcome, immediately reacted to all commands, calmly jumped in the car and drove with us back to CZ.

Because I am a responsible breeder and I wanted to make sure that Atos doesn´t have any bad habits that would need to be worked on, I arranged that Mr Valentin, a great dog trainer, would help us with him. So now we´ve been walking, training and playing with Atos for two straight weeks, and we´ve started to face him with new situations, like meeting strangers or other dogs. We are happy to see thatAtos is handling everything with ease. He´s naturally accepted our authority, he duly follows orders, walks on a leash exemplarily, quickly comes when called – and shakes our hand. He doesn´t pay much attention to other dogs, he is quite even-tempered.

If Atos ever behaved erratically, I believe that it was because his former family didn´t teach him
manners, “boundaries” or respect. This can make a dog somewhat confused.¨

If you´re a conscious and experienced person who understands that living with a dog is not just about cuddling with a white plushie, but a lifelong ordeal, and you´re looking for a great guardian or a great friend, come take a look at Atos. We´ll walk him, discuss dog handling with Mr Valentin and maybe you´ll decide to give Atos a new home.

Atos deserves another chance! Please, help us give his story an even happier ending!

Big thanks to Mrs Justyna Marchwica, CHS Zwierz w dredach, PL
My friend Eva, who didn´t hesitate and drove for Atos with me
Mr Antonín Valentin for immediate support and helping us with training Atos

And last but not least Vláďa, for loving our Komondors as much as I do!

What Atos can do – videos here :-)